Verano en Sitges

crop-5 Definitely one of the main attractions are the beaches of Sitges, where living in contact with nature allow us to know a little better the inhabitants peculiarity.

A total of 17 beaches along the coast of Sitges of which each has its own characteristics with the necessary services to offer every comforts.

The character of each beach makes feel very different sensations: there are small and quiet coves, wide beaches of fine sand ideal for families, or urban beaches overlooking the historic city center and located on Paseo which you can easily reach on foot.

The EMAS flags wave in urban beaches of Botigues, Garraf and the 11 others, which are aligned, from Aiguadolç until Anquines.

The 13 urban beaches of Sitges – Botigues, Garraf and the 11 others depict the coastal landscape from Aiguadolç until Anquines-have EMAS certificate (The European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), is a management instrument based on ISO 14001 standards and managed by the member states of the European Union.


crop-2These are:

1. Playa de San Sebastián
2. Playa de Balmins
3. Playa de Las Botigues de Sitges
4. Playa de Garraf
5. Playa de la Ribera
6. Playa de la Barra
7. Playa de Aiguadolç
8. Playa de la Fragata
9. Playa de Bassa Rodona
10. Playa del Estanyol
11. Playa de la Riera Chica
12. Playa de Terramar
13. Playa de las Anquines


This is the most distinctive environmental quality, which is voluntary for organizations interested in evaluating and improving their environmental performance, and spread with transparency to the public and other people interested in.
The goal is the implementation of a management system that can evaluate the effects or the impact of the environment of the activities on the beaches, implementing environmentally friendly practices.


The implementing of EMAS requires:

1. The definition of a defined environmental policy
2. Conducting an environmental diagnosis
3. Giving a periodic account through environmental statements verified by independent organizations.


crop-5 Through the realization of the diagnosis, it is verified the degree of compliance with current legislation, the assessment of the environmental impact, the examination of the internal processes of good practices as well as the analysis of emergency situations.




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